Promote Commerce

The Castro Street and Upper Market Street area is an important San Francisco business district located at the south-western end of Market Street below scenic Twin Peaks. Castro SF's mission is to promote commerce in this area by:

  • Making it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for
  • Providing local businesses with exposure and links to their web sites
  • Improving internet search engine coverage of keywords for Castro SF businesses

Promote Tourism

Because of its special place in San Francisco, "The Castro" draws visitors from around the globe. Castro SF's mission is to promote the area as a leisure destination by:

  • Providing visitors easy to use information on accommodations, dining, and activities
  • Making it easy to find transportation to and from the area
  • Publishing interesting facts about the area
  • Improving internet search engine coverage of features unique to the Castro

Promote the Community

Residents of the area, which is traditionally called Eureka Valley, take pride in its history, diversity, and future. The mission of Castro SF is to enrich the community by:

  • Providing a directory of local establishments that serve the community
  • Connecting people with groups that share their community values